Re: [Shotwell] Shotwell Fatal Error

Apparently I'm blocked by your mailserver...

The work-around is to

echo "drop index PhotoTableMd5Format; CREATE INDEX PhotoTableMD5Format
on PhotoTable(md5, file_format);" | sqlite3


I have (had) Shotwell running on a Fedora-23 laptop and has been a
good application until last week.  When I fired up Shotwell, I got
FATAL ERROR that says  "A fatal error occurred when accessing
Shotwell's library. Shotwell cannot continue.
(PhotoTable.reinport_mast (19) - UNIQUE constraint fail:
PhotoTable.md5, PhotoTable.file_forma"

Anyone else ever experience this one? How do you recover from it?

Please see - If
cold also recompile shotwell with SQL debugging and provide the
log that would be super helpful.

There is currently no recovery other than downgrade shotwell and
the index from the database table.
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