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Hey List

I'll reply in a new thread since the other one starts having multiple

Thanks to everyone who took the time to test the widget in it's current
state. Especially on the large collections of 53k and 24k pics (Norbert
and Ulf). More tests are always welcome. If possible, please indicate
what percentage of the collection is geotagged (rough estimation is
good enough).

Let summarize the echo so far:

- Joseph has trouble linking on stock Ubuntu 16.04 due to some wayland
dependencies (I'm also running 16.04 with proposed and backports)

- There is a noticeable delay on first launch

- The lock icon is not self explanatory

- The map feels too small

- The SVG icons need to be properly licensed

- There remain some map centering issues
  "When focussing back to some photo with gps info the map does not
center to that, but seems to stay where it was" (Ulf)
  "I sometimes end up in the middle of nowhere (central Russia or
   Atlantic Ocean) for no obvious reason"

- Should there be a default location?

- Geoinfo should also be displayed in extended info dialog

Roadmap items (according to my priorities):

- The lock icon needs at least a tooltip. (alternative approaches can
be discussed as well)

- Map centering issues

- Clear up the SVG licensing (more on that below)

- Investigate initial startup delay

What I personally don't see as priority is making the map bigger. The
user is free to resize it. If we find a better placement for the whole
widget we can always refactor it. I tried to decouple it as much as

SVG Licensing:
All icons originate from Openclipart.org and were edited by myself
under the same terms: "you may use all clipart from Openclipart even
for unlimited commercial use."

I included the single marker SVGs from Alexander Wilms who states "I
did create these icons myself and license them under cc0. And thanks
including them :)"
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=716987 (#43)

If needed, I'd be happy to add a note about it in the repo itself for
the debian folks.


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