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Hey List

Quick progress update.
Status refers to my tree at this commit:

On Mon, 2016-06-20 at 23:06 +0200, Andreas Brauchli wrote:
Let summarize the echo so far:

- Joseph has trouble linking on stock Ubuntu 16.04 due to some
dependencies (I'm also running 16.04 with proposed and backports)

- There is a noticeable delay on first launch

- The lock icon is not self explanatory
I added a popover hover text to explain the icon*.

- The map feels too small

- The SVG icons need to be properly licensed

- There remain some map centering issues
  "When focussing back to some photo with gps info the map does not
center to that, but seems to stay where it was" (Ulf)
  "I sometimes end up in the middle of nowhere (central Russia or
   Atlantic Ocean) for no obvious reason"
I found a logic error that would have cause a zoom-in on an empty
marker layer instead of just doing nothing. The center mass of the
empty layer was probably determined as 0N 0W which is off the west
coast of Africa and pretty much "in the middle of nowhere." Not sure
what would have caused it to go to Russia though.

- Should there be a default location?
I deferred that to whatever libchamplain decides to show but there is a
default zoom level. I'd be interested to hear how well it plays in
real-world tests. When you're zoom in below this level and you're
switching to a marker that's far away (not visible from two zoom levels
out of your current view) it will reset to it.
This should ideally also make long transitions less headachy.

- Geoinfo should also be displayed in extended info dialog
I rarely use it, but the coords are there. I don't think we need a
second map there. We don't have more Geoinfo at the moment.

Roadmap items (according to my priorities):

- The lock icon needs at least a tooltip. (alternative approaches can
be discussed as well)

- Map centering issues

- Clear up the SVG licensing (more on that below)

- Investigate initial startup delay
This will be the next item to tackle


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