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Hey Jens, Norbert, List

On Jul 4, 2016 10:54, "Jens Georg" <mail jensge org> wrote:
Hi Andreas,

just noticed that I didn't push yesterday's changes which

Could you please try to rebase on current master?

That could hurt a bit b/c of autotools, sorry.
hehe, I noticed. No worries, I'll get to it eventually. It'll be when I
rebase my history on top of master and get rid of all intermittent

Since it wasn't straight forward and I'm currently debugging some weird
reference issue and thus figured it had to wait.

If anyone is curious or good at finding those, I pushed the buggy version to my bug/refcycle branch on github.
In master, DataViewPositionMarker objects stored a reference to itself (MapWidget.vala:79) in a List (#77) 
and thus needs to be made a weak reference to break the cycle by making the list type weak. But now, when 
hovering over one of those markers in the map will result in a one time highlight of the marker before the 
DataViewPositionMarker object is destroyed. The destruction seems to be happening right after the leave event 
lambda from bind_mouse_events (MapWidget.vala:52-57)

Line numbers refer to the bug/refcycle version

Happy bughunting and thanks for the help

- andreas

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