Re: [Shotwell] Map Widget Outlook

Hi Max

Thanks for reporting your experience and ideas.

On Jul 3, 2016 16:45, "Max" <abonnements revolwear com> wrote:
> One observation when it comes to the selection of images. I would like to lasso some placemarkers on the map and then see those, and only those in the lightbox/overview.

I like the selection idea, but I fear that it'll be to complex on the UI.. If you can come up with a convincing simple implementation, I might consider it in the future..

> Right now the lightbox/overview only goes to the first(?) occurance of an image in within the geocoordinates, but the other images still show.

When hovering over a marker (or marker group), the thumbs will highlight and scroll to the first thumb if it's out of view.
When selecting (clicking) the marker or group the thumbs will be selected. This gives you the possibility to flag the selection and then switch to the flagged images view to only see the flagged images.

For later, I'd like to add a reverse geo lookup feature to get the fuzzy region/country a coordinate corresponds to. Those might then be shown in pages like the events or tags. This might also make the lassoing redundant.


> On 2016년 06월 30일 00:01, Max wrote:
>> There are other things too, I'll try to write them up as they become
>> apparent to me.

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