Re: [Shotwell] Taking over

Hi Jens,

I guess you are swamped with requests, don't envy you here ;-)

side again. I played around a bit with Panthenon Photos but it
was very disappointing, Shotwell is definitely the way to go.

Interesting, in what sense?

I get loads of errors, settings not saved, missing schemata, etc.
Some patches look interesting, though.

I also have some buglets on my list to fix at shotwell ...

Great, can you share?

Ohhh.... just tried it again but it seems to be fixed ;-)

*** old stuff I was writing ***
I wrote the code, but messed something up: When you edit the comment
of an event by clicking on the event in screent where all the
events are shown as icons, then it edits the comment of the first
photo instead.
*** ok, fixed ;-) ****

I compiled from git source just now on Debian/sid, and I have to say
the color settings of the background, and th appearance of scroll bars
is erratic.

* opening an evnt the first time, the background is whitish plus
        - no scrollbar
        - no movement even if I move iwth the cursor down 
          over the photos out of the visible area
        - no reaction to mouse scroll events
* then I open a photo, background is black (setting is set to black!)
* returning to the evnt the background is now black again, and
        the scrollbar reappeared and is useable.

All 100% reproducible for me with shotwell built from git be4fea099e
on uptodate Debian/sid.

I guess I have to open a lot of bug reports ;-)

All the best


PREINING, Norbert                     
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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