Re: [Shotwell] Taking over


Excellent news!
Thank you for taking over.

My 2 ct, maybe some of it is a low hanging fruit?

I'd like to see better possibilities to filter the images.
+ Show all images over 14 Megapixels
+ Show all images with an X resolution bigger than 3000 px
+ Show all images with at least one dimension bigger than 5000 px
+ Show all images taken with a Canon 5D Mark II
+ Show all images taken in Italy (Geocoordinates)
+ Show all images taken on the 24th of December (any Year)
+ Show all images with ISO < 200

Not sure if that's really low-hanging, but definitely interesting.

A map view. Place images on a map.
Export plugin for Wikipedia Commons

Got any reference handy on what would be necessary to connect to that?

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