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On 15 Apr 2016, at 21:06, Jens Georg <mail jensge org> wrote:

Hi List and Shotwell enthusiasts,

I picked up Shotwell as a new maintainer today. There will be no
immediate bang of new features, I'm trying to get a grip on the current

This is what I'm planning to do:
 - Release a 0.22.1 today/tomorrow to get the translation improvements
 - Use the week-end for a bug scrub and prioritisation to
  - Figure out low-hanging fixes and improvements
  - Get a grip on the currently most pressing issues
  - Come up with some kind of roadmap

I suppose I will also set up a new Ubuntu PPA for it soon™. Place will
be announced here.

That's the rough things I have on my mind currently. Thanks for your
attention ;)
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Hi, Jens.

I’ve been using Shotwell since I switched from Windows to Ubuntu in 2010, and have more than 20,000 images 
catalogued and tagged using it.

I had hoped that it would be available on Windows and Mac OS, but by the time I acquired a Mac in 2013, a Mac 
version was no longer available, so I’ve been using it in a Virtual Ubuntu machine on my Mac since then.

This works, but it’s annoying to have to start up Ubuntu every time I want to look at my images, upload from 
camera, etc.

If a Mac version of Shotwell isn’t on the horizon, I really need to look at a way of migrating to a native 
Mac application. The first requirement would be a way of exporting all the metadata collected within Shotwell 
in such a way that it can be associated with the image files and then imported, bearing in mind that I have a 
lot of RAW images and Shotwell can’t (probably shouldn’t?) write metadata into them.

Best of luck!

Michael Hendry

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