[Shotwell] Slow import from Nikon D3100 connected via USB

I’m using Shotwell 0.20.1 with Ubuntu 14.04 in a Parallels Virtual Machine on a Mac.

(I’m not sure of the sub-version of Shotwell, but it was part of an automatic update that took place this evening).

I’ve noticed slow import of images before, but as there were hundreds of pictures, I just took the dog for a walk!

Tonight I had only two images to download, and they seemed to take forever so I decided to investigate further.

With no programs running in the Ubuntu VM, I switched on my camera at 21:13:00.

At 21:13:14 Shotwell opened, and gave an warning: 

Unable to fetch previews from the camera: Could not claim the USB device (-53)

I dismissed this, and clicked on the NIKON DSC3100 label in the side-bar to show the preview page.

This showed “Starting import, please wait”.

As I waited, I brought up the System Monitor - Shotwell was using between 60 and 80 % of CPU resources and 330-385 MiB of memory, and continued to do so until 21:25, when the preview image came up.

CPU usage dropped to 0 % and memory to 240 MiB.

Twelve minutes to download a single preview image from a camera is obviously not acceptable, is there something I need to set up to correct this?


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