[Shotwell] Shotwell Photo Viewer

I'm using Ubuntu Precise 64 bit as my OS. The best piece of software for simple cropping of images seems (to me) to be Shotwell Photo Viewer, especially as I find GIMP's cropping methods (AutoCropping & Zealous Cropping) incomprehensible.

I can start Shotwell Photo Viewer by right clicking the image file (in Nautilus). However, there are 2 Desktop Configuration Files for Shotwell & 1 for Shotwell Viewer, all loading Shotwell Photo Manager. I also don't see any shell script or executable for Shotwell Photo Viewer. Can anybody supply a Desktop Configuration File for Shotwell Photo Viewer? Alternatively, can anybody point me to the shell script or executable for Shotwell Photo Viewer (in the Ubuntu Precise file system) or tell me the name for Shotwell Photo Viewer?

Regards, John

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