Re: [Shotwell] deleting is really slow

On 06/01/14 20:20, Jim Nelson wrote:
That's large-ish, but I don't think it should be taking ages with an unresponsive screen. (Even if it did take a while, a progress dialog is supposed to appear.)

Many a time I've thought shotwell had crashed but usually it responds if I leave it alone long enough. Apart from the initial pop-up window indicating progress there is no further feedback until, eventually, control returns.

One more question: where are your photo files (are they on a network drive or external HD)? Where is your Shotwell database located (network drive, external HD)?

All on an internal SATA drive.

However, the issue has made me have a re-think. Part of the reason for my whole export ; delete ; rename ; re-import cycle is down to my f-spot days. It occurs to me that since shotwell auto-watches my library folder it may be unnecessary for me to export and delete at all. I've tried a few experiments of renaming images in-place in my library and had mixed success. shotwell usually spots the changes but any that it misses and doesn't auto-import, stay missed. I got round that by moving the files into /tmp then moving them back again to their library location.

So, in principle, is there any reason not to rename images in the shotwell library?


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