Re: [Shotwell] deleting is really slow

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 12:36 PM, Dougie Nisbet <dougie highmoor co uk> wrote:
However, the issue has made me have a re-think. Part of the reason for my whole export ; delete ; rename ; re-import cycle is down to my f-spot days. It occurs to me that since shotwell auto-watches my library folder it may be unnecessary for me to export and delete at all. I've tried a few experiments of renaming images in-place in my library and had mixed success. shotwell usually spots the changes but any that it misses and doesn't auto-import, stay missed. I got round that by moving the files into /tmp then moving them back again to their library location. So, in principle, is there any reason not to rename images in the shotwell library?

There's no reason not to rename images, as long as they're in the library directory.  Shotwell doesn't watching images outside of the library.

As far as Shotwell missing renamed files, does it not pick them up if you close and restart Shotwell?  Not saying that that's acceptable, just that I wouldn't think you'd need to move them to /tmp and back.

-- Jim

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