Re: [Shotwell] shotwell-book: A new project that allows you to create a PDF photo book from your Shotwell library

Hi Jim,

thanks for your answer!

Of all of these, I would say that the CLI is probably the easiest.
For ease of development, I would suggest the shotwell binary itself
double as the CLI.  If Shotwell is not executing, it will perform

Sounds like an excellent idea!

In the first step I would implement only *query* support, so no
syncronization with a running shotwell is necessary.
Doing operations via the cmd line is more advanced and I am not
sure if that makes sense.

Pantheon Photos does *not* supersede Shotwell.  I readily admit
Photos has more development hands on it, but Shotwell is not dead.

That is *GOOD& to know. I faintly remember that there was an announcement
some time ago about the hand-over, but I might be wrong.

Anyway, with this said, I am happy to dig (again) into some shotwell
features and bugs ;-) One is actually open since long, the comment
editing of events feom the event screent jumps to the comment of
the first photo instead of the event comment ;-)

ALl the best


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