Re: [Shotwell] shotwell-book: A new project that allows you to create a PDF photo book from your Shotwell library

Hey Jim,
   One of the main reasons that I am reading from the Shotwell
database is that I need the event names and comments. I don't see where
Shotwell currently exports that information. I would like to stop
reading directly from Shotwell's database.

   I attached a sample page from one of my generated PDFs (assuming
small attachments work to the list). The large text in the boxes is
the event name. The date range is automatically added based on the
date(s) of the photos in that event. The blurred text is the event
comment. A large number of my events have comments associated with them
so a lot of my pages turn out like this one.


On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 05:28:53PM -0700, Jim Nelson wrote:
Brian, this looks exciting and very promising.  We always warn
against other applications reading directly from the database, and
as your notes indicate, you're using the unaltered versions of the
photos in your application.  There might be a better way to do this.

If you made your app compatible with nautilus-sendto, Shotwell's
File -> Send To... operation will export all the selected photos
(with full transformations) and execute your app.  That might make
things easier for you.

There's also some work being done to make elementary's Contractor
work with Geary.  If Shotwell supported Contractor, that would be
another way for Shotwell to export its photos to your application.

-- Jim

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Norbert Preining
<preining logic at> wrote:
Hi Brian,

thanks for that, it looks very interesting. I will look into it and


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