Re: [Shotwell] shotwell-book: A new project that allows you to create a PDF photo book from your Shotwell library

Hi Jim,

If you made your app compatible with nautilus-sendto, Shotwell's
File -> Send To... operation will export all the selected photos
(with full transformations) and execute your app.  That might make
things easier for you.

But one would not get the title, comments, or anything else from the nautilus-sendto.

Furthermore, I have tried to work with the nautilus stuff to 
implement some shell script pipes (yuou remember, I wanted to pipe to
phatch), but that is unfortunately quite a pain.

I would suggest a cli interface to shotwell, that provides the
content of the database without reading the plain db.

Is there something related to this, or should we start a project implementing

Finally, unrelated question - what is the current status wrt to
shotwell and Pantheon? I am very uncertain where to invest time
and patches, as there was the announcement that Panthenon will
be the successor of shotwell, but it somehow never took of.

All the best


PREINING, Norbert                     
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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