Re: OpenPGP card

On Sat, 2010-03-27 at 11:27 +0100, Loriano Storchi wrote:
> I tried to use Seahorse with my OpenPGP card, but as far as I 
> understand it does not work properly. In fact Seahorse is able to
> encrypt 
> using the public key (this works because obviously a copy of the
> public key
> is stored in the public keyring), but is not able to decrypt using
> the 
> corresponding private key ("stored" in the card). I would like to
> know: is 
> this a "known" issue ? in case the answer is yes, are you currently
> working
> to solve it ?

The OpenPGP card is not a compliant crypto card with standards. It seems
to me that Seahorse supports pkcs11. I can be wrong. I will try to write
a tutorial shortly. Explain me what you need by "decrypt". Besides, I
contact you privately about compliant crypto cards.

Kind regards,
François Pérou (

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