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Hi Richard,

Richard Hughes wrote:
Well, I think we should sort out the DontScreensave *or* Suspend

Typical user plays a file in Totem for 1 hour 20 minutes. Screensave is
set to 15 minutes, and auto-suspend is set to 1 hour.

Totem needs to tell gnome-screensaver *and* gnome-power-manager to not
do their actions.

What about leaving your DBUS api for disabling and enabling *just* the
screensaver, and use g-p-m to call g-s in the generic case.

For instance:

Totem starts to play a film.
Totem calls org.gnome.PowerManager.Veto()

When g-p-m receives this signal, it calls the disable method for g-s,
and disables the auto-suspend or hibernate magic.

Totem can then finish playing the file, and call

(or it could just quit/crash/whatever, where the DBUS session connection
will let us clean up automatically)

What is consensus on this staggered idea?

OK, so this is one of the liminal regions. The question is who should be doing what. This gets even more interesting when you think about multiple sessions and/or users.

My view is that totem should not care about anything outside the scope of the desktop session. The screensaver, for the most part, exists entirely within the scope of the session. The scope of power management is not entirely within the session. Therefore, totem should disable the session behavior: screensaver activation. In fact, it already does this [1].

I also think that the power management should not activate until every session becomes idle [2]. In this case, g-p-m should not do anything until it receives the ActiveChanged message on the session bus. Then it should start counting down for the configured actions if any.

What do you think?


[1] See

[2] Or perhaps, when the session on "console" becomes idle. This is one of the places where we need some kind of system level daemon (this might be gdm or something else). This is very much related to the problem of device ownership. Also see

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