Re: Welcome

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 15:52 -0400, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Hello,
> Welcome to the screensaver development and testing discussion list.  I 
> have just released version 0.0.16 of gnome-screensaver.  At this point 
> there are no major items on my to-do list.
> So, I'd like to hear your thoughts on where we are and where we ought to go.

Well, I think we should sort out the DontScreensave *or* Suspend

Typical user plays a file in Totem for 1 hour 20 minutes. Screensave is
set to 15 minutes, and auto-suspend is set to 1 hour.

Totem needs to tell gnome-screensaver *and* gnome-power-manager to not
do their actions.

What about leaving your DBUS api for disabling and enabling *just* the
screensaver, and use g-p-m to call g-s in the generic case.

For instance:

Totem starts to play a film.
Totem calls org.gnome.PowerManager.Veto()

When g-p-m receives this signal, it calls the disable method for g-s,
and disables the auto-suspend or hibernate magic.

Totem can then finish playing the file, and call

(or it could just quit/crash/whatever, where the DBUS session connection
will let us clean up automatically)

What is consensus on this staggered idea?

Or, g-p-m could just not suspend or hibernate when DontScreensave is
set, but this seems the more hacky solution.

This latter idea does mean g-s is not dependant on g-p-m, and so may be
the better choice.

> I plan on proposing gnome-screensaver for inclusion in the GNOME desktop 
> for 2.14 in a couple of weeks.

Good :-) Nice work btw.

> One item that probably could use some review and discussion is the 
> screensaver DBus API.
> One of my goals is for this, or something like it, to become a cross 
> desktop, implementation independent interface.

Maybe we should make it more general and cover power management too?


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