Re: gnome-screensaver, new api calls requested :-)

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 16:12 -0500, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Richard Hughes wrote:
> ...
> > I think g-s is more ready for inclusion into core gnome, and I think
> > putting the dpms stuff into g-p-m would make an implicit dep for g-s on
> > g-p-m. My view at the moment is that it should stay in g-s.
> Is there a chance that g-p-m won't be ready for inclusion in the Desktop 
> release?

Ohh, I'm ready if they are :-) The newest stuff in CVS has had some
heavy testing and is miles better that the last release.

> If g-p-m is in the Desktop then I don't have any problem using it. 
> Anyway, for now I'll do the wait and see.

I hope for inclusion. g-p-m isn't an applet (and so seems to get grief
for using the notification area) but I've made that super configurable
(okay, 4 radio-boxes...) now so people can use g-p-m as a notifier.

> >>Now that you have created gnome-power-manager it seems like it might be 
> >>the right home for this.
> > 
> > Heh. I would be fine with dpms control to move to g-p-m, and to provide
> > an API for g-s to use (if it needed to?) -- I guess it would make g-s
> > more of a "gnome screensaver" daemon rather than an "xscreensaver
> > replacement".
> No more than it is already, really.  Internally, anyway.  The only 
> "external" interfaces to the screensaver are the DBus methods and 
> signals and the .desktop files.  Both of which should be desktop neutral 
> and should remain so.
> OK, well if we don't move power management into g-p-m then I haven't 
> answered your original question ;)
> I think that adding a setDpmsPower method to the DBus interface will 
> break the abstraction pretty badly.

Sure, I wondered if you would say that.

>  Since the DBus interface will be 
> desktop neutral, it should be one that any implementation could use. 
> Since it is not a requirement that all screensaver implementations have 
> DPMS power setting capabilities, we shouldn't add it to the interface.
> However, it sounds like a very useful method for a power manager to have. :)

Hint taken. :-)

I'll do some hacking and see how easy your dpms stuff could fit in. I've
a feeling its a couple of hours work.

I'll wait and get some more feedback before I commit anything.


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