Re: gnome-screensaver, new api calls requested :-)

Richard Hughes wrote:
I think g-s is more ready for inclusion into core gnome, and I think
putting the dpms stuff into g-p-m would make an implicit dep for g-s on
g-p-m. My view at the moment is that it should stay in g-s.

Is there a chance that g-p-m won't be ready for inclusion in the Desktop release?

If g-p-m is in the Desktop then I don't have any problem using it. Anyway, for now I'll do the wait and see.

Now that you have created gnome-power-manager it seems like it might be the right home for this.

Heh. I would be fine with dpms control to move to g-p-m, and to provide
an API for g-s to use (if it needed to?) -- I guess it would make g-s
more of a "gnome screensaver" daemon rather than an "xscreensaver

No more than it is already, really. Internally, anyway. The only "external" interfaces to the screensaver are the DBus methods and signals and the .desktop files. Both of which should be desktop neutral and should remain so.

OK, well if we don't move power management into g-p-m then I haven't answered your original question ;)

I think that adding a setDpmsPower method to the DBus interface will break the abstraction pretty badly. Since the DBus interface will be desktop neutral, it should be one that any implementation could use. Since it is not a requirement that all screensaver implementations have DPMS power setting capabilities, we shouldn't add it to the interface.

However, it sounds like a very useful method for a power manager to have. :)


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