Re: tiling possibly xinerama-aware

Am 07.05.2011 22:25, schrieb Janek Kozicki:
Christopher Roy Bratusek said:     (by the date of Sat, 07 May 2011 20:34:59 +0200)

I added some code to - possibly - make tiling xinerama-aware (Janek said 
on the Wiki it doesn't work properly). Either way, I  can't test it 
under real conditions, so it's kind of one-shot. I'd like to ask someone 
who can test under real conditions to checkout edge-actions-1.9 branch 
and try it.
will I have to restart sawfish? :) Or can I just load some lisp file?

Since I split the code into stuff that belongs to wm.workspace, and wm.viewport,
I'm pretty sure, you'll have to restart sawfish. Tiling itself resides in sawfish.wm.edge.tile and
can be invoked via (tile-windows). Also if you don't use Sawfish >=1.8.0 It might not work, as
EdgeActions have replaced EdgeFlip and basically the whole thing was rewritten in a modular
fashion. You can configure it from sawfish-config from "Edge Actions" group.

can you tell me how to checkout this branch?
This will save me time trying to figure this out.

git branch --track -b edge-actions-1.9 remotes/origin/edge-actions-1.9

git checkout master to return to HEAD

it is tiling windows only in current viewport, right?
Yes. Just need someone to test, that only current head is included (correctly).

But well, if you got another idea what EdgeActions could be added, tell me. Though HotSpot and HotMove
will cover the outermost functionallity.


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