Re: Anyone else using KDE4 and Sawfish?

On Thursday 24 March 2011 21:56:23 you wrote:
> On Thursday 24 March 2011 12:37:31 Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> > - right-click on plasmoid is send to root-window instead
> Seems to work correctly here.

It's because right-click on my system is setup to popup the root-menu, maybe 
unbinding the right-button will do the trick.

> > - sawfish seems not to recognize plasmoids (except kicker)
> I don't think Sawfish is supposed to recognize them. They just sit in
> the desktop window or panel.

You're basically right, but I thought it would be usefull for window-matcher, 
eg: KDE doesn't save resized dimensions for the fortune plasmoid (it's always 
at default size after startup). Also it would solve the above right-click 

> > - focus issues with add-plasmoids-dialog
> > - focus issues with change-kicker-settings-dialog
> I recall having some as well, but not recently. Not sure what made them
> disappear - may depend on KDE version or focus mode. I use enter-click
> with click pass-through except that window rules configure the desktop
> window for click focus and the panels for enter-only.

Mine is enter-exit, I'll try with different options and report it.

> > - usual warp-cursor jail with transient Qt-windows
> I don't know what you mean.

You know that issue we had with OpenOffice, too: When warp-cursor is enabled and 
the cursor inside the transient of a KDE4-Application the following happens:

- focus transient: everything fine
- try moving the mouse out of the transient: doesn't work, as soon as the 
parent is focused, the transient is re-focused and thus the cursor warped back 
to the transient (it's therefore and endless loop), focusing any other window 
than the parent works correctly.

As I said it's been an issue with OpenOffice, too, but with LibreOffice 3.3.0 it's 
fixed (atleast I can't reproduce anymore).

> Currently the most annoying problem that I am experiencing is that the
> system notification dialog doesn't open (by clicking on the i icon in
> the system tray). I haven't gotten anywhere debugging it partly due to
> lack of time, but it also seems difficult.

It does here, but I can see the following: first click: pops up but immediately 
disappears, click again, the pop-up stays available and works as it should, 
but sometimes it's haunted by the focus-issues I mentioned above.

I'd put better KDE4 integration as a goal for future versions.


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