Re: [README] is up

On Wednesday 23 March 2011 22:45:14 GSR - FR wrote:
> Hi,
> nano tuxfamily org (2011-03-18 at 2257.00 +0100):
> > /note: links to bugzilla and old ml address will be changed to "(Old
> > Archive)" once FlySpray and the new ML are in use. (the links provided
> > are valid, both the new ML and Bugtracker are up and running).
> One idea: maybe you could send mail copies to the old ml from the new
> one (disable posting for everyone else in the old) and thus get
> a(nother and complete in one place) backup archive (and with more
> features, as I mentioned about the full mbox-like copies GNOME keeps).

TF can't autoforward and mailman can only interact with Newsgroups.
So maybe a weekly FWD?


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