Re: cant configure rep-gtk-0.90.4

On Tuesday 18 January 2011 06:12:19 Teika Kazura wrote:
> Chris, aren't the "fix" commits wrong?

Nope, actually there are 3 ways to do:

a) install headers in /usr/include/ and do <hdr> in src, @includedir@ in .pc
b) install headers in /usr/include/pkg, do <pkg/hdr> in src, @includedir@ in 
.pc c) install headers in /usr/include/pkg, do <hdr> in src, @includedir@/pkg 
in .pc

I have choosen b), but all 3 are valid. Besides the approach I have choose is 
quite common (I checked, GTK+, and DBus - all do as I did). Which one of 
the three you choose is just a matter of taste.

> The problem is that rep/rep.h is not found, *not* rep-gtk.h nor
> sawfish.h, so edits of *pc in rep-gtk and sawfish are irrelevant.

Those edits are not irrelevant, as they fix their .pc files as libreps 
(SawfishPager links against libclient.h). Either way Sawfish's .pc file is not 
yet complete (Libs and Cflags fields is lacking some stuff, but I'll fix it before 

> Lou Hafer said that #include<rep/rep.h> should be changed to <rep.h>,
> and it seems correct. My build log says rep-gtk and sawfish build
> correctly by having -I/usr/include/rep//.
> On the other hand, the change in librep.pc to includedir=@includedir@,
> (which Lou used to install) is wrong, too.

As explained above it's not, but: Lou had a different issue than Irfan. Irfan's 
rep-gtk couldn't detect librep, but that's not related to the .pc file change. 
(configure does check upon librep.pc, not rep.h). So Lou's issue is fixed, while 
Irfan's is still marked "NEEDINFO".

> # My guess of the cause is they install in /usr/local, and
> # /usr/local/include is not included in -I. If installed in /usr, then
> # compiler can find the header file regardless of rep.h or
> # rep/rep.h. Anyway the guess has nothing to do with the correct
> # solution.

That wouldn't matter as long the correct .pc file is beeing used, say 
PKG_CONFIG_PATH is /usr/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib/pkgonfig/.

Now, if you have your distributors librep in /usr and your personal in 
/usr/local, build will be done against the one in /usr (or will fail if that's 
too old). So for this case the proper fix would be 

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH"

which prepends /usr/local/ and thus ensures a correct build.

> And please write meaningful git logs, not "". You can
> see the changed file with -p or --stat. Without reason, futile
> discussion will be repeated. It won't save time in the end.

Sorry, that's just a bad thing I tend to do.


> Teika (Teika kazura)

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