Re: cant configure rep-gtk-0.90.4

On Saturday 15 January 2011 20:36:36 you wrote:
> Chris,
> > Well... it works here ...
> 	Yeah, that's the hell of it :-) I spend far too much time chasing this
> kind of thing for Coin-OR.  Looking at the relevant and,
> the problem seems clear.  If rep.pc hands back ${stuff}/include/rep as the
> include directory and code looks for rep/rep.h with
> -I${stuff}/include/rep, the only way the code will build is if
> ${stuff}/include/rep/rep/rep.h is installed.
> 	Might be because other developers are building against uninstalled code.
> That trips me up on occasion.
> 	Looking at my notes from previous upgrades, I made this same patch for
> Fedora 12, librep-0.90.5, rep-gtk-0.90.2, and sawfish-1.6.5, February 2010.
> 	Hope you can sort it out, and apologies if this turns out to be a quirk
> of my system.
> 							Lou

I was just wondering why Fedora seems not to catch /usr/include/ while most 
others, do. Either way, I just fixed it in GIT HEAD.


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