Re: cant configure rep-gtk-0.90.4

Chris, aren't the "fix" commits wrong?

The problem is that rep/rep.h is not found, *not* rep-gtk.h nor
sawfish.h, so edits of *pc in rep-gtk and sawfish are irrelevant.

Lou Hafer said that #include<rep/rep.h> should be changed to <rep.h>,
and it seems correct. My build log says rep-gtk and sawfish build
correctly by having -I/usr/include/rep//. 

On the other hand, the change in librep.pc to includedir=@includedir@,
(which Lou used to install) is wrong, too.

# My guess of the cause is they install in /usr/local, and
# /usr/local/include is not included in -I. If installed in /usr, then
# compiler can find the header file regardless of rep.h or
# rep/rep.h. Anyway the guess has nothing to do with the correct
# solution.

And please write meaningful git logs, not "". You can
see the changed file with -p or --stat. Without reason, futile
discussion will be repeated. It won't save time in the end.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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