Re: Getting away from GNOME #5

Just to clearify I'm not forcing this and this is definitively my last try (I 
guess I've been in a bad mood today ... :/). 

So some reasons why I would like to switch:

- DL/GIT/BugZilla/ML/Statistics could be all at the same place
- full control over admin rights (for GIT & Co.)
- per-user repos can be hosted there, too (either as branch or as extra-repo
- better support and kinder people (if you ask me)


- all current ML-Users can be resubscribed automatically
- wiki stays where it is

so the workflow would be pretty simple: Wiki + Tuxfamily. Current:

sawfish/librep/rep-gtk: git: GNOME, bugs: GNOME, ML: GNOME, DL: Tuxfamily, 
Stats: Tuxfamily
sawfish-pager: git: Tuxfamily, bugs: none, ML: GNOME, DL: Tuxfamily
homepage: Wikia

possible reasons against the switch:

- your opinion
- translation-teams work

I really would like to hear your opinion,

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