Re: window-matcher avoid . nil

Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:

> Good catch. Another thing I've found: SawfishConfig does not write
> (avoid . nil) ,or whatever, it writes (avoid . #f) to .sawfish/custom,
> so I guess that's why it can't be set from the UI. #f in
> scheme-boolean.jl seems fine, it just needs to be "translated" before
> writing, just as #t is.

Hmm..  I'm not clear what the bug is, then:

user> (window-avoided-p (get-window-by-name "pager"))
user> (window-put (get-window-by-name "pager") 'avoid #f)
user> (window-get (get-window-by-name "pager") 'avoid)
user> (window-avoided-p (get-window-by-name "pager"))

And, in fact:

user> (eq nil #f)

This means that rep thinks nil, (), and #f are all three the self-same
object, so it shouldn't matter which is used.

I also haven't had any problems disabling avoid on the pager using
SawfishConfig.  Well, to be precise, I had no problems once I realized I
was stomping all over the SawfishConfig changes to match-window-profile
with a setq in my sawfishrc....  If you're doing the same that might
explain why the timer worked for you as well.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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