Re: preview of my proposed changes

Hi Michal,

glad to see your working on merging MMC with MAIN. :)
I'll check your branch on weekend.

About switching to another lisp/scheme: does your proposed lisp/scheme have

- autoloading
- bytecompiler
- gtk 3 support early (early = until April 2011)

and any other feature required by Sawfish out-of-the-box? I guess in your case 
I don't need to ask, whether you would help us migrating.

Well I'm sure you read the mails Teika and I wrote about switching away from 
librep, but when we have someone who already did some portings stuff and will 
actively support us, when the chance you get my positive vote is around 50%.

Still you would need Teikas vote, too. (you have to be diplomatic to get it, 
trust me, I know what I'm saying :)*

Thanks a lot for your efforts,

* Teika: don't take this to serious :]

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