Re: Themes for 3.0

> Darktab use a copy from SmoothlyTabs theme.jl, don't understand this ...
> I have also try to reproduces this. I have rename my ~/.sawfish and
> restart sawfish and all works fine (with your settings/windows). I have
> no idea why it doesn't work on your system. Perhaps something in your
> ~/.sawfish/custom.
> Sorry

Ha! I (finally!) found the cause:

It happens when you set:
( defvar-setq decorate-transients t )

as I said only DarkTab is effected, but not SmoothlyTab.
Perhaps this helps you to debug it.



Re: XFCE 3.5.0 erschienen
Von Anonymous am Mo, 21. August 2000 um 23:52

GNUSTEP rulez!
Alles andere ist SCHROTT!

  Re: Re: XFCE 3.5.0 erschienen
  Von Thaukelt am Di, 22. August 2000 um 00:35

  Schrott wäre doch ein toller name für die nächste Killerapplikation für 
  Linux.  Dann wären solchen dummen Postings, wie der von Anonymous
  wenigstens lustig.

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