Re: Themes for 3.0

> Ha! I (finally!) found the cause:
> It happens when you set:
> ( defvar-setq decorate-transients t )
> as I said only DarkTab is effected, but not SmoothlyTab.
> Perhaps this helps you to debug it.
> Chris

Hmm... what about adding insensitive buttons for window-matchers
like no-delete, fixed-size, never-iconify & Co? This should then be done
to all themes, if we decide to do so.



Re[4]: timing
Gesendet von Gott am Fr, 3. Jul um 15:05

warum irritiert mich bei jamendo das .com? ... .org wehre mir lieber warum 
auch immer.

  Re[5]: timing
  Gesendet von Bilbo am Fr, 3. Jul um 15:08

  Genau. Wehre Dich!

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