Re: [README] Edge-Actions for while moving

Am Dienstag 09 November 2010, 23:57:11 schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek:
> Hi all,
> last weekend (sorry for the early update) I added support to EA for while-
> moving functions to be customizable. Say: you can now have 8 edge-actions.
> defvars:
> normal: left-edge-func
> while-move: left-edge-move-func
> while-move actions don't have a delay timer (that doesn't make sense while
> moving a window), anything else (setup) is like for the other edge-actions.
> Besides: is anyone testing the edge-actions and tabs-ng branches, or am I
> the only one (and fuchur for the latter)? Some testing and comments on
> what could be improved is highly appriciated.
> Regards,
> Chris

bump. I'm shocked that it seems no-one else is testing those branches.
(Except Teika I guess) :O



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