Re: sawfish 1.6.3 can't compile sawfish.wm.util.prompt

Harald van Dijk <harald gigawatt nl> writes:

> Using a test rep file test.jl:
> (define-structure test
>     (export test-var)
>     (open rep)
>     (defvar test-var nil)
>     (eval-when-compile (setq test-var t)))
> a second test file test2.jl:
> (require 'test)
> (setq test-var t)

Sure enough.  It seems that eval-when-compile is more persnickety about
assigning values to void variables.  In fact, if you use sawfish rather
than rep to compile the file you get the same error you saw when
compiling sawfish (void-variable, rather than unbound variable).  The
compiler will normally just issue a warning if you setq a void variable,
but if you do it inside an eval-when-compile it generates an error.

Unfortunately, we still need the eval-when-compile bit to suppress
compiler warnings: when the variables are called as functions by the
prompt code they're called with arguments and the compiler thinks they
should have only one.  I'm a bit uncomfortable including the prompt
module from itself; it seems to compile and work, but I'm not certain
what, if any, difference it might make.  Perhaps someone who knows rep
better than I do can tell me I'm worrying about nothing?

I haven't been able to come up with another solution, though.  If I
include defvar statements in the eval-when-compile clause the original
compiler warnings show up again.  If it's a choice between removing the
eval-when-compile clause entirely and including prompt from itself, I
lean toward the former since we know what's causing the warnings and
that they're spurious.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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