Re: Anybody has anything like this?

D M German <dmg uvic ca> writes:

> I have been creating functions to execute commands to run commands and
> call them from keyboard.
> It is getting annoying to have to create one new function for each
> command, then attach the function to the keyboard.

You know you can skip the function and command bits and do the rest in
one step, right?

(bind-keys global-keymap
           "H" '(system "foo &")
           "J" '(system "bar &")
           "K" (lambda ()
                 (more (complicated stuff))))

(note the quoting)

> Does anybody have a module that uses some sort of configuration (a
> list of commands or reads them from a file) and then can each of them
> attached to a keyboard shortcut?

I don't know of such a thing.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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