Error running Sawfish-ui on Ubuntu

Hi all,

I used to love Sawfish but lost track of it over the years.  I've tried
installing and running Sawfish on my Ubuntu 10.04 system (x86, upgraded
8.04 -> 8.10 -> 9.04 -> 9.10 -> 10.04 - this is *not* a fresh 10.04
system) but I'm hitting a bit of a snag with rep.

I've installed the following from the Ubuntu repo's:
sawfish			1:
sawfish-data		1:
sawfish-dbg		1:
sawfish-lisp-source	1:
sawfish-merlin-ugliness	1.3.1-1
sawfish-pager		0.6a-3
sawfish-themes		0.12
librep9			0.90.2-1
rep-gtk			1:0.90.0-2

Rather than jumping straight into Sawfish as a full-on window manager
for my main system, I've been trying to play with it in a Xephyr X

Running Xephyr is OK.
Running xterm in the Xephyr session is OK.
Starting sawfish from said xterm session is OK and indeed the xterm
gets some nice window decorations.
Running sawfish-ui from the xterm within the Xephyr session, however,
presents me with the following error:
  exec: 8: rep: not found

Fair enough, one "apt-get install rep" later and the above error has
gone!  Only to be replaced by a much less helpful (to me) error:
  eval_req: Connection reset by peer
  **** Remote sawfish error: unknown error

What's going on?  How can I fix this?

Grant. :)

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