Re: Removing Tab options

On Sat, 6 Mar 2010 07:54:14 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
>> I began to remove the tab options (they are pointless as
>> defcustoms, as each theme needs different values). The only thing
>> I'm not aware of, is how to set them inside the theme.jl, but
>> perhaps someone knows?

First, define these options with 'define', and also a function to
set these values in tab.jl. Then call it from theme.jl. Don't forget
to put 'require' in theme.jl.

>> Also I'll check the patches from fuchur, 

I can't say anything now.

>> Fabrice Delente (choosing icons for window-switcher)

Have you read my message on 2 Feb? Some ideas are given there.

>> and DMGs reschange hook patch. 

1. On relation with Xinerama.
If a user is using multiheads, then it's by Xinerama for the current
Sawfish. RandR protocol says it's ok to use both RandR and Xinerama,
but each head info has to be updated (sec 11.2 of ver 1.3.1), too.

2. In display.c, his patch puts 
 Display *dpy = NULL;
But that variable is declared as extern in sawfish_subrs.h. So it's a
bit dubious. (I'm not fluent in C.)

I suggest some replacements. The above assignment of NULL is used for
the call of XRRQueryExtension in event.c, to supress init for batch
a. In display.c, XOpenDisplay and other inits are done unless batch
mode. So put it here.

b. In functions.c, Xinerama init is done as
if (dpy != 0)
  { // Xinerama init
so put it next to this suffices. 

If based by rationale, plan A seems better to me, but it should be
kept close to Xinerama as we saw, so plan B?

Anyway, RandR is not limited to resolution change event, so it's ok to
move it outside of event.c.

# By the way, the man of XRRUpdateConfiguration can be read with
# man Xrandr, *not* man XRRUpdateConfiguration, at least on gentoo.

I can't comment on other parts of the patch now.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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