Re: Button 9 doesn't work. How about 6 - 8?

Teika Kazura said:     (by the date of Tue, 22 Jun 2010 12:49:26 +0900 (JST))

> On Mon, 21 Jun 2010 16:25:40 +0200, Janek Kozicki wrote:
> > But 6-8 support only few actions (like -Click, but not -Move). I
> > remember that I said Button8-Move, but later I realized that -Move
> > doesn't work.
> You mean it used to work, but not now? X may have changed a bit.
> (Keyboard layout switching is (wrongly) related, but X has fixed one
> bug in that field, so it may affect move, too.)

in fact I'm not sure if -Move used to work, ever. I rather have a
feeling that I reported wrongly and it never worked. I am sure that
-Click works and this is how I'm using 6-8. And I know that my
Button9 sits on the mouse largely wasted, even though xev reports it

> >> I am glad Chris, you and others keep handling Sawfish. :]
> > 
> > Just like me :)
> And thanks, Janek, for bringing Sawfish back into its life again.
> It resulted to bring me in.

this is very kind of you :) And very nice to hear this. 
I is great to see that sawfish is prospering so good :)

Janek Kozicki                       |

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