Re: Button 9 doesn't work. How about 6 - 8?

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Sat, 19 Jun 2010 22:09:50 +0200)

> Hi,
> teika lavabit com (2010-06-19 at 1321.10 +0900):
> > With the patch I've mentioned in another ML thread, you won't be able
> > to use buttons 6 - 8 if you're to switch the keyboard layout, or more
> > correctly the keyboard "group".  But it's because the current code for
> > buttons 6 - 8 is hackish, and it is possible to support both buttons 6
> > - 32 and multiple keyboard groups. I can't promise now to provide it,
> > though.
> Aha, so sumarizing: 1-5 fine, 6-8 "if you do not use something else",
> 9+ not at all. I wonder if some tries I did to get extra keys were
> related to this (or maybe I misconfigured with xmodmap, and
> unrelated).

Yes, I am currently using 1-8. But 6-8 support only few actions (like
-Click, but not -Move). I remember that I said Button8-Move, but
later I realized that -Move doesn't work, and I didn't report it. I'm
sorry for that.

Currently I am using only -Click action. I Vaguely remember that -Off
works too. -On and -Off2 didn't work IIRC.

But keyboard modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Win) are working. For example I am
launching new xterm with M-Button8-Click

> > > (as you probably noticed, I "disappeared" latelly).
> > It's sad to see many leaving, but I really thank you for your
> > contributions of years. ¡¡Muchísimas gracias!! Hasta pronto. :)
> Not leaving, just low profile, reading the list for things that call
> my attention. ;] Other things require my time for near future at
> least.
> I am glad Chris, you and others keep handling Sawfish. :]

Just like me :)

Janek Kozicki                       |

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