gtk dialog box

It's possible to make a dialog box with gtk as a part of Sawfish,
though at this moment we don't see any instance, anywhere. The
simplest one is not difficult if you know lisp and gtk. Read examples/
in rep-gtk. You have to run a seperate process.

Use of gtk is not limited to dialog box, and it will offer plenty of
new power to Sawfish. For example,
* on the fly tuning of window cycling (inclusion of workspace,
  viewport, raise...), using checkbox, radio buttons, etc.
* Handy tiling. Buttons of the following shapes are printed:
   ---   ---   ---
  | | | |   | | | |
  |-+-| |---| | | |
  | | | |   | | | |
   ---   ---   ---
  When you click one of them, the window is vert/horiz/both half of
  the full screen, and placed there. (This will please Janek, but I
  don't know arbitrary shape button is supported in gtk. ;)
* Alternatives to display-message and prompt.

Is anyone interested in development? What I imagine is:
* The seperate process can evaluate any lisp code sent from the WM,
  using technique similar to sawfish-client (see cfg/wm.jl) or
  sawfish-config. It waits for exit, and throws 'return value' to the
  server. (sawfish-about may help, too.) Callback function has to be
  set, too.

  But this may not be good, since it seems to require to write
  `(form...) from WM side, which is not so readable (for me).
* Typical widgets are provided under sawfish.wm.gtk (confusing with
  sawfish.gtk. Maybe the latter should be moved to sawfish.cfg.gtk.),
  like yes-no dialog box, window with only radio buttons or several
  checkboxes. Return values are more readable than the general case.
* Good doc for how to build your own is nice.

Don't ask my silly lisp to realize this.

Best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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