Re: The get rid of thing (chapter 3)

Guten tag,

Points I haven't mentioned are ok.

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 16:51:35 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> For the Mailinglist everyone who has an accounts gets a notice and is
> auto-unsubscribed from and auto-subscribed to the
> Tuxfamily ML.

Is anything wrong with gnome ML? After transition I'd have to search
both the old and the new archive. I wouldn't like it.

> For Downloads I update the Freshmeat info, so everyone who subscribed
> to the FM pages knows what's going on.

One thing I like about sourceforge download is the counter. Statistics
lets us know where we are. But I'm neutral in download.

> BugZilla: … We may setup a simple bug-tracker on Tuxfamily, (they
> provide webspace and/or domainnames ("" also sounds
> interesting, doesn't it?)) like Trac or similar, but I don't know
> wether it's possible to copy data from BGO to our one.

I don't like the current clumsy bugzilla either, but is it really
worth to build the knowledge required for it which is only useful for
the transition? Seems like that you only lose your time.

By the way, you said months ago that many of bugzilla items were todo
/ wish. Open entries discourage those who browse the bugzilla.  Moving
them to repo/TODO or to wiki may be a good idea. (And review TODO file.)

> The only thing we *might* miss is the translation team, but there are
> only a handfull translators of them working on sawfish. 

Last two years there HAVE been translation updates in 5 langs
(Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, and Basque.) It's not many, but why
throw away? Even if we had some other git repo, simply check gnome git
every three months, and pick up the translations if there are, no?

> For GIT, we may rm all files and add a README with a link to the new
> repo in the last revision

(Thus, it'd be the last step of the transition.)

> Well we have enough users to work on the translations, translating
> is not a pain and if we all work together than that's not slightly a
> problem.

No, at least last two years, and seemingly more, it NEVER happened
from users. For me, just browsing a long long *.po file is a headache
not to mention the actual work of translation. I guess others are
similar, if not so extreme.

I feel that even code patch submissions are not enough. "Work
together" sounds like a day dream.

> - Better control as I (and everyone I give the power) can control who
>   is allowed to do what. Say you first have to wait several days for
>   the GNOME guys to get an account, on Tuxfamily you simply create an
>   account, then we add you to the list and you simply login via ftp and
>   put your public ssh key as ssh_keys in the ftp-root, wait at the most
>   5 minutes and everything is fine.

But that happened only once for Jeremy during when you're the admin.

The only other overhead is that you're asked by me to pull my
branch. But I try to make a 'clean' branch to avoid conflicts, so I
guess it hardly bothers you. (Even if I get the direct git access,
I'll do so, so for me it's not a surplus labor.)

>   Also instead of branches we may also setup split repos, say
>   sawfishpager/pager.git is the main, then sawfishpager/timo.git,
>   sawfishpager/teika.git, though branches are better at this point,
>   but just to showcase the possiblities.

If git repo is the concern, then it's easy: you two come to
gitorious. (Or to be 'fair', we all go to github. :) Once Chris
gets the access, then it's a 10-minute routine.

> plus in theory we may also move from wikia to tuxfamily

Please, forget it. It'd be a complete waste of time, so I would never
help it. I bet it'd be not so easy. And I'm not Sven Schoenung (= I
don't know wiki well.) Blah, blah. (I.e. don't bully me. :)

> - We would then only use 2 services: Tuxfamily and Wikia and the later
>   is only the website, all development/support related stuff would be
>   available from one source, 

What I don't understand is how much it counts. After all, in which
areas you gain by transition?

> Did I finally win over you, or not? ;)

Are we opponents? :)

With best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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