The get rid of thing (chapter 3)

Hi all,

the last time I wanted to get rid of and it seemed
that there's no problem getting rid of, but not of

Well here's another try of mine to win over you:

Homepage: is left as-is

Downloads/GIT/Mailinglist: Move to Tuxfamily

For GIT, we may rm all files and add a README with a link to the new
repo in the last revision

For the Mailinglist everyone who has an accounts gets a notice and is
auto-unsubscribed from and auto-subscribed to the
Tuxfamily ML.

For Downloads I update the Freshmeat info, so everyone who subscribed
to the FM pages knows what's going on.

(and for all three obviously the wiki)

BugZilla: … We may setup a simple bug-tracker on Tuxfamily, (they
provide webspace and/or domainnames ("" also sounds
interesting, doesn't it?)) like Trac or similar, but I don't know
wether it's possible to copy data from BGO to our one.

The only thing we *might* miss is the translation team, but there are
only a handfull translators of them working on sawfish. Well we have
enough users to work on the translations, translating is not a pain and
if we all work together than that's not slightly a problem.

For everyone who has read the sawfish-pager moved to Tuxfamily mail I
guess I don't have to say that I'm a Tuxfamily fan. (I now have 3
projects there now, including Sawfish-Pager)

For everyone who hasn't read the mail:

- We would then only use 2 services: Tuxfamily and Wikia and the later
  is only the website, all development/support related stuff would be
  available from one source, plus in theory we may also move from wikia
  to tuxfamily, but that's not my intention, at least not before
  everyone (everyone = every sawfish user) knows about our Tuxfamily
  move. And then the content may be copied and Mediawiki setup.

- Better control as I (and everyone I give the power) can control who
  is allowed to do what. Say you first have to wait several days for
  the GNOME guys to get an account, on Tuxfamily you simply create an
  account, then we add you to the list and you simply login via ftp and
  put your public ssh key as ssh_keys in the ftp-root, wait at the most
  5 minutes and everything is fine. Also instead of branches we may
  also setup split repos, say sawfishpager/pager.git is the main, then
  sawfishpager/timo.git, sawfishpager/teika.git, though branches are
  better at this point, but just to showcase the possiblities.

And compared to SF they have a better webinterface/accessinterface than
SF are faster, no redirection stuff, blah.

Did I finally win over you, or not? ;)

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