Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sawfish 1.6.1 "Astral". : sawfish restart bugs, short report.

Janek Kozicki said:     (by the date of Sat, 9 Jan 2010 13:33:55 +0100)

finally I did it! Are those the 'correct' versions?

deb-src speedwave main

I downloaded them with 'apt-get source'.

Get:2 speedwave/main sawfish 1:1.6.1-1nano (tar) [4846kB]
Get:2 speedwave/main librep 0.90.5-1nano (tar) [930kB]
Get:2 speedwave/main rep-gtk 1:0.90.2-1nano (tar) [358kB]

> Christopher Roy Bratusek said:     (by the date of Sat, 9 Jan 2010 13:31:16 +0100)
> > It has been fixed with 1.6.0. Teika, Jeremy and Me have successfully
> > tested and no one else complained about it still happening.
> nice! I'll "risk" it probably tomorrow.

It sort of worked. Except for maximized windows. See the screenshots
of my desktop before:

and after:

look on the bottom, to see my pager, and the windows positions.

Also observe that maximized windows moved to viewport 1,1. I did the
'sawfish restart' while on viewport 1,1 in order to avoid potential
problems with restarting at another viewport (a am currently in
'not enough time' state for testing if restarting works on other

But in overall it's quite an improvement. Now I only need to move
back to their viewports about 6 windows, instead of hundreds.

Oh, but also I noticed that some windows have problems when moving
them around. They are displayed in their proper coordinates, but
when I click on them to move them, then suddenly they land on far
off-screen coordinates. Fortunately with grow-pack I can quickly
summon them back.

screenshot before I move a window:

and while I am moving it:

This bug applied to all windows present on this screenshot, except
for the maximized one, which I had to bring here back from viewport 1,1

But to some windows this bug did not apply, I am not seeing a pattern
right now.

Janek Kozicki

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