Re: sawfish-pager

Am Wed, 06 Jan 2010 10:32:01 -0600
schrieb Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>:

> Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org> writes:
> > Here's a patch to fix the bug in sawfish-pager where it doesn't
> > display the windows in the proper viewport.  I also pushed a couple
> > of fixes to bugs in sawfish.wm.viewport that turned up in the
> > course of getting sawfish-pager working properly.
> Oh, I should also mention: this patch means that sawfish-pager wont
> work with sawfish versions previous to 1.6.

0.7.2 so or so doesn't work with Sawfish < 1.6.1.
> Is there any reason not to go ahead and include sawfish-pager in
> sawfish proper?  For better or worse sawfish-pager is pretty tied to
> sawfish, since it accesses sawfish internals in order to get the
> window layout and such.

It's currently written to depend on while
compile-time, so:

a) re-adjust path of after compilation (while install)
b) rewrite it so that it does not require while compiletime

> To be completely honest, I'm not all that fond of sawfish-pager -- I
> find the code to be less readable than most sawfish code, and it's
> complicated.  But apart from the gnome pager it's the only pager I
> know of that shows viewports.  And the gnome pager is huge --
> installing it (with dependencies) is about 400mb on my system.

I'm also not that happy, but I have some UI ideas in mind, but first
I'll have to cleanup the code, though.

BTW the comments about GDK can be considered obsolete, the minimum 2.12
we require has involved a lot compared to that GDK from X years ago.

Generally I would like to use Cairo and GDK for some operations, rather
than GDK alone. There's just one problem, as our minimum is GDK 2.12,
it should not be more than Cairo 1.4 (released around the same time),
functionally I can't imagine something missing for us, but 1.6/1.8 have
been improved for speed.

(I have a GTK+2 Theme Engine which uses Cairo for drawing dynamic
effects and a lot of gradients on the Widgets and GtkPerf says it's ~6
seconds faster @ drawing each widget 100 times with Cairo 1.8 than 1.4)

So I guess we'll delay that until sawfish 3.0, since we bump to GTK+3
we can safely bump Cairos version, too. While all RedHat/CentOS users
won't get sawfish 3.0 that fast, though. They'll kill me. ^_^


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