Re: how to use simple-dialog in widget-dialog.jl

>> Oh, this seems too complicated. If I need a bash script and some more
>> magic, I'd rather use zenity. It's very simple to create dialogs from
>> zenity from a bash script and this would work very well, but would
>> introduce zenity dependence into my sawfish kit. So, if possible, I'd
>> like to use a lisp solution from sawfish only.
> Sawfish can do it (more precisely, librep + rep-gtk), but currently
> none has done it. Practically it's not a bad idea at all to use other
> programs. If I remember correctly gxmessage is a dialox box and can
> exectute program at button press, too.
> I use similar one, hand-written by me. When I try to exit Sawfish, but
> some windows are open, then it asks confirmation, excluding
> sawfish-pager and so on.

Okay, thanks, I'll go with an external shell script too, then.

> I'll send later on how to control Sawfish from shell.
>>> If you know the basics of gtk, then it's not so difficult to creat a
>>> dialog box. Have a look at examples/ in rep-gtk. (Bah, gtk-dialog.jl
>>> breaks your Sawfish session.
>> What do you mean by 'breaks your sawfish session'?
> Literally. If you execute the script, not immediately, but seemingly
> when you do a window operation, Sawfish crashes.
> From rep-gtk/README:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Caveats
> =======
> It's still too easy to crash the Lisp interpreter through invalid use
> of GTK..
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ;)

Thanks! This helps, I've seen this behavior, sawfish crashing
unexpectedly after poking around with librep + rep-gtk, but didn't
know it's related.


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