Re: error--> (file-error "No such file or directory" "rep/data/tables")

Am Samstag 04 Dezember 2010, 11:56:56 schrieb Stefano Sabatini:
> On date Saturday 2010-12-04 08:26:30 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek opened 
this window:
> > Sawfish:
> > librep: 0.90.2
> > 
> > There are some issues with your configuration:
> > 
> > a) those version are out-of-date (especially sawfish)
> > b) those versions of librep and sawfish are incompatible
> > c) also your rep-gtk version might be out-of-date
> > d) because of a) sawfish can't be linked to your currently installed rep
> > 
> > long story short:
> > update librep, rep-gtk, sawfish, sawfish-pager manually (in that order)
> > or try installing Sawfish from Debian/Experimental or Unstable (one of
> > them ships 1.6 at least).
> Hi Roy,

may sound a bit pedantic, but "Roy" is not the name I'm called (nor the one I 
want to be called), please call me either Christopher or Chris, thanks.

> first of all thank you so much for your answer, I wasn't going to figure
> out all this not even in a week. So this also means that sawfish in Debian
> Testing - Squeeze is currently broken (and painfully outdated).

broken sawfish in squeeze is bad, as it's beeing released soon (already in 

@Rodrigo: could you make sure, that Debian is not shipping broken Sawfish?

> BTW I wonder why do we have so many different repos (sawfish,
> sawfish-pager, librep, librep-gtk), I suggest to have just a single repo
> containing all of them, this should also help to fix incompatibilities
> conflicts and greatly ease installation from source.
> That's exactly the scheme that we're following in FFmpeg, one repo
> containing all the applications (ffmpeg, ffplay, etc.), and all the
> libraries (libavutil, libavcore, libavcodec, etc.).

I don't like that idea, especially then it's about branches from sub-modules, 
I believe the current workflow is much better (and more common).

> Each library has a different version number, when we break binary
> compability (which happens very seldom), we bump major number so we allow
> different incompatible shared libs to be used at the same time in the
> system. Note that the library versioning has nothing to do with releases,
> but only reflects the ABI/API state of the library.

Actually only rep-gtk broke Sawfish, for librep the issue is, that sawfish on 
your box is linked against the old one, which doesn't exist anymore. Multiple 
version of librep/rep-gtk works perfect, for sawfish it does work, when they 
have a different prefix (so that they don't share files in ${datadir}).

> Then it's a problem of the packager to create different packages for each
> distinct component.
> Regards.

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