Re: Compilation Issue

On Tue, 24 Aug 2010 10:40:16 +0900, "Andrew A. Adams" wrote:
>> After you change the keyboard layout by Gnome tool or so (perhaps
>> setxkbmap is invoked internally), a restart is necessary.
> Let me check what you mean here. If I run the keyboard configuration tool to 
> add/remove keyboard, I'd need to re-start sawfish, but just switching between 
> the options already defined doesn't require a restart.

Formally, switching by ISO_Next_Group bound to some key, for example
ctrl + alt (appears "option" in X keyboard configuration, like
grp:ctrl_alt_toggle), doesn't require restart, in 1.7.0. Otherwise, do
restart. You can check it by invoking "xev".  Focus it, and press that
key, then it prints ISO_Next_Group or else. Like this:

state 0x2001, keycode 127 (keysym 0xfe08, ISO_Next_Group), same_screen YES,

I don't know the internal of configuration tool, neither have one.

> 少し日本語 けを分かりませんね。 はい、今死ぬほど暑いですね。

Gee, scrumptious!!! But a solemn professor should avoid the use
of 「死ぬほど」 or 「ちょー」. Heck, my ***hole. :)

.. And you've also learned Japanese' "modesty", "Do you speak English?" - 
"A little, yes." even if not bad.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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