Restart and maximized windows

The 'Restart Maximized' bug from the wiki should be fixed now in head.
This turned out to be two separate bugs: one was that windows were
maximized as they were taken over by sawfish, so a window could be
maximized before sawfish had learned about another window (e.g., the
gnome taskbar) that should be avoided.  The other bug was that maximize
wasn't taking account of windows that were 'avoid and 'viewport-sticky,
so maximizing a window outside of the current viewport could end up
coving a space where a sticky window would be once that viewport was

Anyway, these should both be fixed.  Let me know if there are still any
maximize-on-restart bugs.

The one bug that I know about and I'm not sure how to fix has to do with
the sawfish pager.  Since it isn't actually started until after sawfish
is initialized, waiting until sawfish is initialized to maximize windows
doesn't prevent it from being covered up.  If a way of fixing it occurs
to me I may give it a try, but for now consider it a known bug.

I'd mark this and the 'Restart and Viewport' bugs fixed on the wiki, but
I'm not clear how to do that.  If someone lets me know how I can take
care of it.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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