Re: Restart and maximized windows

Am Sat, 14 Aug 2010 19:37:02 -0500
schrieb Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>:

> The 'Restart Maximized' bug from the wiki should be fixed now in head.
> This turned out to be two separate bugs: one was that windows were
> maximized as they were taken over by sawfish, so a window could be
> maximized before sawfish had learned about another window (e.g., the
> gnome taskbar) that should be avoided.  The other bug was that maximize
> wasn't taking account of windows that were 'avoid and 'viewport-sticky,
> so maximizing a window outside of the current viewport could end up
> coving a space where a sticky window would be once that viewport was
> active.
> Anyway, these should both be fixed.  Let me know if there are still any
> maximize-on-restart bugs.

it does still randomly happen with gnome-panel. (tested with claws-mail and nautilus)

> The one bug that I know about and I'm not sure how to fix has to do with
> the sawfish pager.  Since it isn't actually started until after sawfish
> is initialized, waiting until sawfish is initialized to maximize windows
> doesn't prevent it from being covered up.  If a way of fixing it occurs
> to me I may give it a try, but for now consider it a known bug.
> I'd mark this and the 'Restart and Viewport' bugs fixed on the wiki, but
> I'm not clear how to do that.  If someone lets me know how I can take
> care of it.

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