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On 8/13/2010 12:05 PM, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
(now there I'm already in the mood: the one more message (TM))

Hi dear fellows,

I've also thought about the apps-menu. I noticed that KDE-Applications don't show up.
That's pretty easy to fix. But there's a question in my mind about that: shouldn't there
be more sub-menus? I mean there aren't any icons in there and thus it may not be that
usable then there are too many entries in the same level.

Next is the a-zA-Z issue. I forgot which librep-func was buggy so that Matthew couldn't
do the sorting properly. So we ever fix the issue (better) or make all a-z A-Z for the
first letter (not so good though).

At last: not all apps show up in the correct sub-menu. VBox for example shows up in Games
rather than in System or Utils (I believe Utils is a better name than Utility). We should
check other apps to and change accordingly.

So if you have some comments to share, or suggestions for new sub-menus that can be done,
place a message :D


Hi All,

Regarding the a-z/A-Z issue, It is the sort function, used with 'string<, that will put upper-case letters before lower-case letters. I haven't looked into this in a while, so not sure if there is a better way to sort them, one option was to make all the entries upper-case, but that would negatively effect certain applications that should be lower-case. Guile has 'string-ci<, which is case-insensitive, i'm not sure if rep has something similar., if not, maybe we can add it in.

Regarding sub-menus, I think this is a great idea, we could better take advantage of the varying Categories in the .desktop files and it would be easier to read and find what you're looking for. Icons can be added to the menus fairly easily, i almost had this working a while back, but was having trouble with the icon-factory in rep-gtk, adding specific icons, however, is fairly trivial, though themes etc wouldn't effect them in that case.

What are the thoughts regarding tool-tips in the apps-menu?

I will try to work on some of these things in the coming weeks.


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