[README] [IMPORTANT] rep-gtk and gtk+3

Hi fine folks,

so GTK+ 3.0 will be in town around middle of September. Sawfish 3.0 which is *currently*
scheduled for June 2011 will be using it (or rather GTK+ 3.2 which is released in March
2011). Either way: the glue-code generator for rep-gtk is rather ugly.

So there are two opportunities (actually there are three, but the third is rejected):

a) port g-wrap to librep and get bindings to c-apps easily. Difficulty ****, examples:
only g-wrap itself.

b) glue librep and gobject-introspection (gis) and get bindings to gis-using apps easily
(basically everything gnome-related). Difficulty **, examples: python-gtk, gtkmm (and
maybe other bindings) already gis, so we may learn from them.

Well I would prefer b). The problem is: the missing manpower. So this is also a call to
contributors. (ehh.. to YOU - YOU there and YOU (who want's to leave the show now))

Just to complete the list: c) would be switching to GUILE. Rejected. There are various
reason for rejecting the switch. (...)

So feel free to contribute to your favourite WM :D

Kind Regards,

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